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  • Site Rules


    The following are the conditions of use for

    1. No pornographic material of any media kind will be posted or linked from this forum unless otherwise specified.
    2. Other material that may be considered offensive will be reviewed on a case by case basis and may result in deletion, warning or banning.
    3. Excessive personal abuse based on religion, racial grouping, beliefs or other flaming may be deleted and poster given a warning.
    4. Posts referring to threats of physical violence will be deleted and the poster banned without warnings.
    5. Attempts to use any software tools to produce a Denial Of Service (DOS) attack or "hack" will result in immediate banning without warnings.
    6. Moderators can edit or delete posts without giving an explanation.
    7. Advertising of commercial products or services will not be allowed without prior approval by the forum administrator.
    8. The administrator and/or Moderators reserve the right to take any action necessary with posts they deem unsuitable but that do not fall into any condition mentioned in this document. This action rests on the proviso that they post an explanation for their action(s) either on the forum or via email to the poster within one hour of said action and in the case of moderators inform the administrator of their reasons who may review and repeal any actions.
    9. Mindless spamming will NOT be tolerated in the Forums. Any user found posting pointless rubbish (such as multiple posts with no text, only smilies/emoji - for example) is likely to incur there account to be modified, Filling the boards with pointless or nonsensical posts simply to gain a Forum rank is not acceptable either.
    10. These conditions may be amended at any time by the forum administrator and warning of the changes will be given within the following 24 hour period.
    11. We do not allow any illegal activity on this site.
    12. Any pornographic material that is posted of a user/member/moderator or administrator of the board will have ther account/s banned permanently
    13. Any posts, threads, polls, or other means used to directly or indirectly question the actions, status, or presence of any person on this forum will be removed immediately and result in disciplinary action. No one has the right to judge anyone's involvement or presence on this forum, except the Admin team.
    14. Administrator will approve all new memberships, Administrator also has the right to refuse a new member
    15. Spamming of the report a post function will result in your account being modified

    Moderators have been appointed to help enforce the above conditions. Moderators are chosen from nominations within a forum group and as such can still contribute opinions and ideas while maintaining the COU. Moderators are obliged to inform a poster of a reason for editing, deleting or moving any thread or posts. They may choose to contact the poster in private message or by public comment.

    If you do not agree to any condition listed here you should not use this forum.

    In general:

    Use your common sense, if you find it offensive so will the Moderators.

    Healthy debate is good. The moderators brief is not to nursemaid you if you get called a bad name.

    If you are offended in some way, contact one of the Moderators and lodge your complaint in writing via E-mail. Resulting actions are at the discretion of the moderators.

    If a poster requests a thread stay on topic or has no spam please respect their wishes. Moderators will enforce this.

    Excessive posting of threads that have no purpose other than to annoy, flame or provoke negative reaction will not be tolerated

    These rules are in place because we do not wish for this sites quality and reputation to be degraded by a minority of people that wish to act inappropriately.

    Your understanding is greatly appreciated,

    Thank you from the CB Admin and Mod team


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