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  1. Any ideas of noise restrictions for cars/bikes at these tracks?
  2. My more recent experience has been with bikes. Basically - car scene was fucked. Police could spot a group of modified cars and generally pull the group over at random and ping you for something. Bikes are far easier to "act normal" on. And with no front number plate and rapid acceleration, you pretty much have to be caught from behind with your front wheel in the air to get a ticket (minus exhaust noise blitzes - but stay away from the mountains on the weekend and you are good). I don't know how this applies to reviving CB, but that was my outlet. I'm sure most people's toya aren't driven regularly now, and most have kid carriers etc.
  3. I want it on the road now - but just can't justify extra roadworthy and insurance lol
  4. Here’s the Harley. Street Bob with a twist. - SE 10.5:1 hi comp pistons and SE mid range cams - 2-1 exhaust, air cleaner and aftermarket tuner - Eibach fork springs and race tech emulators - Piggy back fully adjustable rear shocks, raised a decent amount - Twin disc front end conversion with, floating discs and XR calipers - Wide Glide handlebars, grips and mirrors - VC crash bar on front and shock sliders on top shock mount on rear - Speedo/tacho multifunction - Colour matched headlight cowl fairing - Le Pera seat - Blacked out, 4-1 rear lights/indicator on fender, tiny front indicators and flush mount fuel cap/gauge Won’t find many Harleys that ride like this one
  5. 65 XP Falcon. 302/C4/9”. Stupidly dailyed this in Darwin. Thermos running from ignition and always on. Blew the 8 3/4 diff and threw the input shaft in the gearbox so went with a stronger rebuilt box and 31 spline 9” rear. Drove in Brisbane but has been off the road for a few years now, until the kids get a bit older and don’t need seats anymore. How do we add pics?
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