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  1. I was going to say the best condition HG HK HT monaro you can get for 100. But now I want an RS6 wagon
  2. K24 was serious. Keep it unopened and turbo to 350hp with a TH350 behind it, they are the next 1UZ. Would of been a Quick, cool cruiser. But they are super tall and oil pump is in the front of the sump and it.would not of.fit ontop, behind or infront of crossmember without $5k of dry sump or having half the motor in the cab so had to ditch idea.
  3. Basically what happened. As for times, haven't given it much thought. 11s will be cool if suspension cooperates. More in it for the fun weekend than the racing itself. Still running 225 55 15 tyres and not interested in trying to make bigger ones fit yet.
  4. Has a soarer motor now instead of a kingswood motor and double the llama thrusts. Currently laid up whilst doing bearing on diff and the stock gearbox is having the metal filings poured out and replaced with more stronger bits. Immediate future plans are dual fuel tune. temp sensor for gearbag and getting fuel gauge working before drag challenge in November. Long term. Address the rust, paint and interior.
  5. Looks mint. Should come do road trip drag challenge in November. It's the fun casual version.
  6. You have to change your name to quiksilver or get out
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