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  1. Well I guess Max is keeping the aggression up if Monza is an example. Still whole race was unpredictable. And it's the first time a team other than Red Bull or Ferrari have won on pure pace.
  2. Well this is at least some progress. Please go the following picture on the Gold Coast Bulliton page and post your thoughts. fb://photo/10158364497342358?set=a.389925412357&sfnsn=mo
  3. Yep. At least 10. I'm not sure how true it all is. I haven't gone looking for court documents or anything and I'm sure they are out there. I've also read something about how the owner hasn't worried about getting their stuff sorted.
  4. So a development. Someone on Facebook has posted that the track didn't have formal approval to actually be a karting track. And that they only had some approval for the rally track nearby. And that's why they have been shut down.
  5. Now I've seen it all. I think it was a racing incident. Maybe a bit more blame to Lewis but nothing crazy. They are both racing drivers and known to not give any more room than required. For example Japan 2014 I think. Lewis near puts Rosberg off track at T1. Look at it this way. If the positions were reversed would Max have backed out of the move? So I think the 10 second penalty was fair. More bummed that Leclerc had his engine dramas. He might have had just enough to hold on for the win if that didn't happen. Hungary should be good.
  6. Yep. Of all the Kart tracks in SEQ Xtreme is my favourite by far. I love turn 6 (high speed left hander) as you can take it flat with the right approach. Gotta be committed though as if there are people going slower you can have a moment if your not careful.
  7. They are a fine bit of gear. Not that I've driven one lol. But with optional carbon ceramic brakes and knowing that most of the Euro stuff is pretty easy to get power from I'd imagine 450kw (600hp) at the tyres on a 98ron daily tune wouldn't be too outlandish.
  8. So if appears that Xtreme Karting may have temporarily closed due to an ongoing noise complaint from a few local residents. They have apparantly lodged an appeal which has been dismissed. I love that track. I feel it's the best karying track in SEQ due to it's larger layout. They haven't listed anything on their website and their Facebook page cites that they have only temporarily closed due to resealing the track. There is obviously a fair bit of heresy on Facebook atm and more than a few people posting things on 1 persons Facebook profile which isn't the right way to go about trying to support the track. Has anyone else ever been there? What have you heard?
  9. Just don't tip 20k into it fixing random stuff like a certain blue one. Hopefully this is more reliable than the S13 was.
  10. This is motivating me to get back into iRacing. Once my rig is back together I'll have to get in there and have a crack (will deliberately not qualify and start from the back)
  11. Jesus you spent near $30k on it. Though I suppose to get half of that back you have had to wait until last year. That said the only time I even remember seeing it out was when something had happened and when we looked the oil was milky.
  12. Ahhhhh. Yeah if your going that far you'd be near building a track car since the weight distribution would be more ideal for that. It's kind of funny how they are a cult modified engine like that. In standard form in my Accord it really isn't fast. But I reckon if I could attach a turbo and even only go for like 240kw it would wildly amusing. And the fact that you could generally do it pretty simply is a major bonus. Also your living the dream if you've got a hoist at home lol.
  13. Do yourself a favour. Go watch The Skid Factory and their work on it. Definitely informative. Yeah I feel the road trip with mates would be the best part. If I was more mechanically minded and less afraid of breaking something I'd have a crank in the VY. Atm I'm likely to lunch the CV's or worse. It needs some more serious maintainance done. Actually based on TSF you talked K24 before you went 1J. Was that a serious consideration? Or were you just looking for something away from the norm?
  14. You wind it to 30psi and the A340 called it quits? What sort of times are you hoping for?
  15. These are some old pictures of my Sim rig. The frame is an Obutto R3volution with triple screen mounts and additional keyboard tables. I've got 3x 24" Samsung 1920x1080 monitors. I'd like to upgrade them one day but I'm on the fence as to go for 3x 27" monitors or a single ultrawide monitor. I had a Logitech G25 with a load cell brake mod here. But I've since upgraded to a Thrustmaster RS300 wheel with Fanatec V3 pedals. PC is currently apart getting upgraded but it's specs were: Intel i7 6700k Asus Maximus VIII Hero Corsair H115i 16gb Kingston Hyper-X 2666mhz Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX1080 Samsung 960 Pro Corsair 780T chassis with green SP140 fans. A couple other SSD's and HDDs. Going Ryzen and 3080 now. Which is total overkill for non-VR iRacing.
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