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  1. LOL, great advice. Ty. Only like 3k into this one so far. Actually drives super nice - feels planted on the road. The kind of feel you only get from an early 90s car.
  2. Good job reviving CB. Was thinking the other day, that there's like only 4 or 5 websites I go to now. Reddit, Facebook, gmail etc Really don't like having all of my stuff going through the zuck, so having an independent and specialised area for car talk is awesome. Been disconnected from the car scene since CB went down tbh. New era though
  3. Option 1 garage at the time made bank on it. Charged me 1.6k to diagnose a faulty coolant temp sensor, 6k to replace a bottom end baring etc. Back in those days 6k could have gotten you a rb25 installed. They're closed now hence the name dropping. But yeah, it did like to blow up turbos or headgasket itself.
  4. I sold it in 2007 For $3k. Spent 28k on it in repairs. Fuck this car. Btw the new owner flipped it down a ravine two weeks later so it got a hero’s send off. seriously though this car almost financially ruined me
  5. Looks like your grandpa just pulled up when it arrives, the ‘3.6x’ is the 196kw 6 cyl which is good, however it also comes with the ride height of a SUV (by design). factory fitted STI boot lip, STI strut brace, STI pedals. Quick enough to lightly tighten a sphincter on occasion, but grandpa enough to not have any police trouble. Actually thinking of selling it.
  6. dilly

    Dyls 91 Mitsubishi GTO

    It’s shit, slow, pisses me off constantly and sounds like a sewing machine on acid. Costs more in repairs than raising a child. Gives me something to do though and is a nice ‘weekend driving around the mountains’ car. Bone stock, non turbo and an auto. Absolute poser car but it has a soft spot in my heart, like if you had a dog with 3 legs or something
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