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  1. So….seasons over, we have a new champion.. but what’s everyone’s thoughts on how the FIA/Michael Masi etc have handled everything over the last few months?

    I personally think Masi’s sporadic decisions during the last few laps had massively gifted Max a race win and really took a bit of shine off of his maiden championship. 

  2. Not wrong! 

    Although Max is known to be overly aggressive. I’m sure he would have known Lewis was on his inside, prob thought he would have backed off a bit more.

    Can’t wait to see what happens from now on. 

  3. On 7/16/2021 at 12:12 PM, AsterisK said:

    from memory that corner is a bit dusty also? but getting a good run out of the first hairpin, into the next few corners and then making that big sweeping left hander is by far one of the most rewarding parts of that track. the last few corners before you get on the straight weren't really strong for me from memory, and the few races I did there I always lost position to people drafting behind me.

    Have spun on that one before, had a mate right behind me and he had to bail onto the grass 😂😂

  4. Current situation.... See Pic.

    Whats going on.....Well a bolt managed to work its way loose quite some time ago which brought up an engine light but the car still ran fine. Then I decided one day to dig a little deeper into this engine light issue to find out one of the cam gear bolts had worked its way loose and caused a bit of damage. basically because the gear was moving it had sheared off the locating dowel on the camshaft and also the chain had rubbed on the oil pump and one of its links was missing a plate. 

    Started to gather parts to repair it but when I removed the cam shaft I noticed the cam bearings needed replacing which means Engine to come out. So hopefully in the next couple months I'll get around to that send it off to a mate to carry out the more extensive repairs and also check over the bottom end for anything else while its out.



    Photo 8-7-21, 7 18 29 pm.jpg

  5. 5 minutes ago, Limit-R said:

    Damn 500 isn't bad. This is the same engine from the Ute yeah? Same cam and all? I only remember seeing the Ute out on its run in tune.

    I always wondered if the Ute covered by insurance after the accident?

    What's the story with your heads? Mine runs Higgens afaik and I've not had a drama but I didn't build mine I'll admit.

    Lastly how do you find the coilovers? (Pedders Xa I assume) as I'm not the biggest fan of mine. Too stiff even when the dampers are wound down.

    Definitely sitting on an appreciating asset there man.

    Same block but slightly larger, cam changed from the 232/234 to a 231/247 Comp Cam.

    Nope no insurance on a race track.

    The heads......when I sent them away to get done by Higgins I specifically requested that I wanted double row valve springs, had budgeted for it, was willing to pay for them etc. When they came back I was bolting the heads onto the block when I noticed the springs were still singles so I asked the question.......after some 'umms & ahhs' from Higgins, they came back stating they'd checked the singles and said they were fine for the cam I'd chosen..... Ok, all back together tuned and took it on Modball Rally... no problems. 

    Couple weeks later decided to take the car to Woolies one day, got maybe 2 mins down the road have a loss of power and a strange noise coming from the engine, turned around and went home. Pulled the covers off to find a broken valve spring and a hole in the head from the valve that had been dropped into the piston and then used like a battering ram. Ended up needing an engine rebuild (402ci to 408ci due to the sleeves being damaged), and Higgins claiming it wasn't their fault and totally backing out of any damages costs, therefor I'll never use them again and strongly believe they're absolute fuckwits. 


    The coilovers are generally pretty good up front, the rears are too soft which is a common complaint with the Coupes here and overseas. I know Matt Crust runs the same set up but has put a stiffer rear spring in his.

  6. Been way to long since I’ve done one of these so here goes….

    After a running out of talent on Phillip Islnd race track in my old car (R8 Maloo) I decided it was time to finally get the one car I’d always loved, the Z Series GTO.

    Luckily found this one via a friend on FB in Sydney, needed a little work but 2 weeks later I flew down to pick it up with a lot planned for it in a 10 month period. Picked it up for a steal considering how much they’ve gone upwards in value.

    So the mods:

    408ci stroker built by HiTorque

    Higgins heads……wouldn’t use them again.

    FAST LSXR 102 Manifold & 102mm Throttle Body

    DiFillipo headers & X Force twin 3 inch system.

    TruTrac diff with 3.7 gears & Harrop cover

    Pedders Coilovers

    Simmons 20 inch wheels

    Makes just over 500rwhp or 570rwhp on a good day…..could make more if I pulled my finger out and gave it a decent fuel system.








  7. Lando is a weapon!! I can’t wait to see what sort of competition next year brings, hopefully a lot closer racing and not just one team dominating from the lights out.

    I hope next year McLaren can give Dan a car that brings back his late braking technique. Miss the old dive bombs! 

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  8. Who’s into F1? 

    Great to see it more competitive this year but does anyone think Merc will come fighting back to claim the title again?


    While we’re at it…….should Ricciardo have stayed at Red Bull? 



    Round Race Date Venue Grand Prix
    1 28 March 2021 Sakhir Bahrain
    2 18 April 2021 Imola Italy
    3 2 May 2021 Portimão Portugal
    4 9 May 2021 Barcelona Spain
    5 23 May 2021 Monaco Monaco
    6 6 June 2021 Baku Azerbaijan
    7 20 June 2021 Paul Ricard France
    8 27 June 2021 Styria Austria
    9 4 July 2021 Spielberg Austria
    10 18 July 2021 Silverstone United Kingdom
    11 1 August 2021 Budapest Hungary
    12 29 August 2021 Spa Belgium
    13 5 September 2021 Zandvoort Netherlands
    14 12 September 2021 Monza Italy
    15 26 September 2021 Sochi Russia
    16 3 October 2021 Istanbul Park Turkey
    17 10 October 2021 Suzuka Japan
    18 24 October 2021 Austin USA
    19 31 October 2021 Mexico City Mexico
    20 7 November 2021 Sao Paulo Brazil
    21 TBC    
    22 5 December 2021 Jeddah Saudi Arabia
    23 12 December 2021 Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi
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