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  1. 'straya day cruise. Meet: 10am at Cannon Hill Maccas. Destination: The Spit Who's going?: no one
  2. Sure enough, Hamilton retirement rumours are now all over the place ?
  3. Hamilton surely up for retirement soon? Who would want to come back after that? Now that Honda is gone, will be interesting to see how the redbull car goes with a new engine
  4. Wins a win. But yep absolute ballbag.
  5. look I know this is gonna be massive, but I can't come ?
  6. Round 2 featuring yours truly in P5 in race 2! Choked and died on the first lap though!
  7. I was pretty stoked to see DRic get up there, thought he'd choke but what a champion.
  8. Register here : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSckpZOxXPRJGbfaKrNWJZduU606G9bBPxW03JQKBRtg5pSNog/viewform?usp=sf_link 1 Lime Rock - Classic 2 Mid Ohio - Full Course *3 Road America - Full Course 4 Road Atlanta - Full Course 5 Dover 6 Belle Isle * Enduro 1 x 50 min race *Formula Skip Barbers Season 10 USA 1 Lime Rock - Classic Race 1 - 15 laps or 15 mins Race 2 - 30 laps or 30mins 2 Mid Ohio - Full Course Race 1 - 9 laps or 15 mins Race 2 - 18 laps or 30mins 3 Road America - Full Course Race 1 - 18 - 19 laps or 50mins 4 Road Atlanta - Full Course Race 1 - 9 laps or 15 mins Race 2 - 18 laps or 30 mins 5 Dover Race 1 - 30 laps or 15 mins Race 2 - 60 laps or 30 mins 6 Belle Isle Race 1 - 8 laps or 15 mins Race 2 - 16 laps or 30 mins *Fuel restricted to 40% (7.9 litres) for all races
  9. For a solid 10 years, Shane and I were close mates; running this joint and talking most days on good ol' MSN. It was devastating to lose communication with Shane over the years with his medical problems taking away his abilities to communicate with us, and even more devastating to hear of his passing. He was always up for a good laugh, but also always kept the community honest. CB (and IDR46) were his life and I'll forever be grateful for his time spent enjoying his passionate with all of us.
  10. from memory that corner is a bit dusty also? but getting a good run out of the first hairpin, into the next few corners and then making that big sweeping left hander is by far one of the most rewarding parts of that track. the last few corners before you get on the straight weren't really strong for me from memory, and the few races I did there I always lost position to people drafting behind me.
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