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Dyl’s old LMF40 ca18det s13

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I sold it in 2007 For $3k.

Spent 28k on it in repairs. 

Fuck this car. Btw the new owner flipped it down a ravine two weeks later so it got a hero’s send off. 

seriously though this car almost financially ruined me


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Jesus you spent near $30k on it. Though I suppose to get half of that back you have had to wait until last year.

That said the only time I even remember seeing it out was when something had happened and when we looked the oil was milky.

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Option 1 garage at the time made bank on it. Charged me 1.6k to diagnose a faulty coolant temp sensor, 6k to replace a bottom end baring etc. Back in those days 6k could have gotten you a rb25 installed. They're closed now hence the name dropping.

But yeah, it did like to blow up turbos or headgasket itself.

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